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The following is a selection of siphoning equipment for Siphoning Your Wort From One Brewing Vessel to the Next.

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Fermtech Thief

The Fermtech thief is simply a plastic tube with a check valve in the bottom. When placed in liquid, such as beer or wine, the liquid will bypass the check and the thief will rise to the liquid level. Taking the thief out will cause the check valve to seat, allowing liquid to be taken out. A hydrometer can then be placed in the thief, or the liquid can be drained into a test jar by pushing the check up against the side of the jar. This makes taking a gravity reading a snap! It's also great for pulling samples of your beer/wine from your carboy or a barrel.


Fermtech Large Auto Siphon (1/2")

The Fermtech Auto Siphon is a handy tool used in transferring and racking. Instead of manually starting a siphon as you would with a racking cane, all the auto siphon requires is a few quick pumps! Much easier and more convenient than a racking cane, this auto siphon works with 1/2" ID siphon tubing for quicker transfers. Use one of these today and you'll never go back to a racking cane!


Clamp for Fermtech Regular and Mini Auto Siphon

The Fermtech auto siphon clamp is perfect for holding the mini or regular-sized auto siphons in place while you rack. It gives some stability when racking from a bucket, but will hold the auto siphon perfectly in place when used in the neck of a standard glass carboy, allowing you to rack and transfer easily and conveniently without having to use both hands! A must have for ease and convenience!


Fermtech Auto Siphon (5/16")

The Fermtech Auto Siphon is a handy tool used in transferring and racking. It is self-priming, so starting a siphon is as easy as pumping this a few times and letting your beer or wine flow! This one will take either 5/16" or 3/8" ID siphon tubing, though the 5/16" ID tubing will fit more snugly and be more difficult to remove. If you're sick of trying to manually starting a siphon with a racking cane, the Fermtech Auto Siphon is for you!


Fermtech Mini Auto Siphon (5/16")

Perfect for small batches! This mini auto siphon is the right size for racking out of small 2 gallon fermentation buckets or 1 gallon glass jugs. The auto siphon is self-priming with just a few pumps, making starting the siphoning action a breeze! Works with 5/16" ID tubing.This is ideal for those doing 1 gallon batches of beer, wine, cider, name it!


Clamp for Fermtech Large Auto Siphon

This auto siphon clamp will hold the large auto siphon in place while you rack. While it works well to lend stability to an auto siphon on the side of a bucket, it works perfectly in the neck of a standard glass carboy, allowing more freedom during racking and transferring. Use one today, and you'll wonder why you waited so long to buy this simple yet effective tool!


Replacement Cane for Large Auto Siphon

Replacement inner cane for large auto siphon (product # 4879).


Replacement Cane for Regular Auto Siphon

Replacement inner cane for the regular auto siphon (product # 4877).


Large Siphon Clamp

This larger clamp can be used with tubing of 5/16" ID or greater to control the flow of liquid or stop and start the flow without breaking the siphoning action. This can come in extremely handy when racking into multiple vessels or taking a sample for a hydrometer reading. Very easy to use!


Racking Cane Tip, Black

Black replacement racking cane tip that works with our standard 5/16" racking cane (product # 4870).


Replacement Tip for Regular Auto Siphon

Replacement tip for the regular auto siphon (product # 4877).


Small Siphon Clamp

A small clamp like this can make a world of difference when racking. Whether racking to several vessels or taking a sample for a hydrometer reading, stopping the flow of liquid without breaking the siphon can be invaluable, not to mention convenient. This clamp will work with tubing that is 3/8" ID or smaller.


Kwik Clamp (1/2")

Kwik Clamps are here! These innovative clamps employ a sawtooth locking design to create a tight seal that is easy to work with. Simply place the 1/2" Kwik Clamp over your tubing and squeeze to lock into place. No extra crimping tools or nut drivers needed to operate! Disconnecting is easy as well, just slide the two sides apart sideways and the clamp loosens. These work on 3/4" outer diameter (OD) tubing, which is the outer diameter on our standard 1/2" high temperature tubing. Always good to have on hand, Kwik Clamps are a new and easy way to clamp tubing in your brewing setup.


Red Racking Cane Clip

This red racking cane clip will accommodate a standard racking cane. It is used to keep your racking cane in place and stable while you do your racking and transferring. Very useful when using a racking cane to do your transferring!


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