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Anvil High Precision Small Scale

From Anvil Brewing Equipment comes this high precision digital scale for all your small measuring needs! Perfect for small-scale measurements like hops, salt additions for water chemistry, and specialty grains! Features a 4 x 4 in. stainless steel weighing surface. Includes large sample tray and protective cover (which doubles as a smaller sample tray). Unit measurements available in both oz and grams, and is accurate to within 0.005 oz or 0.1 gram! Sleek, stylish, and highly functional: be sure to have one of these on hand for all your brewing needs. Batteries included!


Anvil Large Grain Scale

Measure your grain with incredible accuracy with this precision grain scale from Anvil Brewing Equipment! This digital scale can handle weights up to 65 lbs, and can measure to an accuracy of 0.02 lbs! Either lbs or Kg units can be selected. It features a huge 12.5 X 11.75 in. stainless steel weighing surface for putting a bucket or any other container on for weighing grains. The included remote scale can be mounted to any surface and is easy to read! Batteries ARE included, as is a remote power supply. Weigh your grains with confidence using this grain scale.


Escali Primo Digital Scale

A scale is a great item for a brewer to have on hand, and the Primo scale by Escali does everything you need! A durable scale with an 11 lb capacity, it can weigh out by 0.1 ounce (1 gram) increments, and use ounce, pound and gram units. We use these around the shop all the time for weighing out hops and grains. Two button operation is simple and intuitive. This scale includes a tare function to disregard the weight of the container used to weigh.