PH & TDS Meters

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pH 4-9 Roll


pH Meter Pen

Compact and lightweight (0.18 lbs) pH Meter that can be used for both beer and winemaking. Small enough to fit in your pocket. Measures 0 - 14 pH, and temperature from 32-122 F (0-50 C) which is displayed on an LCD display. The pH electrode is easy to change and fits easily into a protective sheath when not in use. Product comes with three different 250 ml buffer powders in pH 4.01, pH 7.00, and pH 10.01. Device is battery powered (1.5 V battery x 4 included).


Homebrew Alcohol Test Kit Plus

Test your homebrew and get the exact alcohol content.

Simple and easy alcohol test kit from White Labs

Test kits include alcohol by volume and weight for one sample


Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Get exact oxygen measurements and stop guessing

This meter has automatic compensation capabilities for effects such as temperature, altitude, humidity and salinity

Test your wort for a desired O2 level before or after you pitch your yeast

These meters also come with probes that allows for bottle testing

Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)