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G02 Kaiser - Imperial Organic Yeast

Making a traditional-style German ale? Give Kaiser a try! Kaiser is a clean German ale strain of yeast that will ferment clean, allowing the delicate nuances of the malt character to shine through! Kaiser can be used to make beers with wonderful malt flavor and aroma that mimic traditional German ales.It is a low flocculating yeast that can ferment very vigorously! Expect long clearing times that leave a beer that is clean and crisp, with very low levels of diacetyl. It works well at slightly lower temperatures, and can be used to make wonderful Altbier, Kolsch, and Berliner Weiss.


L13 Global - Imperial Organic Yeast

The most popular lager strain in the world, and for good reason! Global is a great strain all-around, and can be used on almost any lager style. It is clean, with a very low ester profile. Beers fermented with Global shine and stand out! It is good on anything from light German pilsners to rich bock and doppelbock styles. It has lower flocculation chracteristics than other lager strains, which means an extended conditioning phase will help it to clear. However, it also means that yeast will stay in solution slightly longer and help to fully attenuate the beer. Try this one on almost any lager your mind can come up with!


B51 Workhouse - Imperial Organic Yeast

This yeast is a workhorse! A wide variety of Belgian beer styles are no problem for this yeast strain! Saisons, pales, blondes, golden strongs, dark strongs, singles, dubbles, trippels, quads, Belgian stouts...all of these can be produced with Workhorse. It is clean for a Belgian strain and has a high alcohol tolerance that makes it great for big Belgian beers. Very flocculant as far as Belgian ale strains go, Workhorse is a winner!


B48 Triple Double - Imperial Organic Yeast

Triple Double is a great Belgian yeast strain for use in making high gravity Belgian ales of all kinds! Specifically designed for dubbels, trippels and quads, this is actually a very nice strain to use on almost any Belgian beer. Relatively clean for a Belgian strain of yeast, it produces moderate esters with very little phenolics. It is a medium flocculating yeast, and though it may ferment slow at times, tends to clear well if given enough time to drop out of solution.


B44 - Whiteout - Imperial Organic Yeast

Whiteout is a great choice of yeast to use when making Belgian style Witbiers, giving you all the characteristics found in classic examples of the style. It produces a nice balance of spicy phenolics and fruity esters that work well in the style. Unique to this yeast strain is a high amount of acidity produced during fermentation, which pairs well with light colored Belgian ales and can accentuate citrus notes when using citrus fruit or skin in the brewing process. It works wonderfully in Belgian style ales in which oats or wheat are used. It can be a vigorous fermenter, so proper headspace in primary is recommended when using this true top-cropping strain.


L11 Gateway - Imperial Organic Yeast

This yeast strain from Imperial Organic Yeast is called Gateway, and for good reason! Not only may it serve as your Gateway to brewing a wide array of lager beers, but is also so named because of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, where the assumed origin brewery of this yeast is located (hint hint!). A yeast with strong fermentation characteristics, it is a moderately-flocculating yeast that creates crisp, clean beers every time! While the first beer style that comes to mind with this strain is Pilsner, its cleanliness makes it a great choice for lagers of all kinds.


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