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East Coast Yeast Berliner Blend (ECY06)

Designed to be pitched into primary fermentation for Berliner weisse, Gosebier, and other styles where lactic sourness is desired.

The blend contains a kolsch ale yeast, Lactobacillus brevis and Lactobacillus delbreuckii subspecies delbreuckii.

Suggested fermentation temperature: 70-74F.


East Coast Yeast Dirty Dozen Brett Blend (ECY34)

Type: Ale Yeast Blend

Attenuation: High

Flocculation: n//a

Minimum Fermentation Temperature: 60F (16C)

Maximum Fermentation Temperature: 74F (23C)


CCYL130 - Keweenaw Ale Yeast

MICHIGAN INDIGENOUS - The Keweenaw Ale Yeast is the third in a series of indigenous Michigan yeast strains. This yeast was isolated in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. It has prominent spicy phenolics and some fruity esters, very reminiscent of a Saison yeast. For 5 gallon batch, all Craft Cultures yeast strains are shipped ready to pitch from the lab.No More Starter needed.Get brewing sooner, and easier, with these Michigan based yeast strains.


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