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Belgian Dubbel Extract Kit

Rich and complex with a strong malty sweetness that finishes moderately dry. Dried fruit and dark caramel flavors are balanced with a slightly spicy fruitiness derived from the Belgian yeast. This is a beer that will surely improve and develop with age!


Winter Porter Extract Kit

A rich, spicy porter with hints of caramel and dark chocolate and roast, mixed in with a backdrop of sweet orange peel, juniper berries and star anise. There are just enough hops to provide a backbone to the rich character coming from the grains and spices.


1-Hour IPA Extract Kit

A blend of 3 hop varieties are added throughout the boil to create a massive citrusy hop flavor with a great floral aroma. The specialty malts include Simpson's medium crystal, carapils and amber malts to help round out the taste.


Dred Brown Porter Extract Kit

A dark, malty brown ale with caramel and chocolate notes that is nicely balanced. Medium and dark crystal paired with chocolate and roasted barley and some wheat for head retention. Willamette for bittering and flavoring hops. Use Wyeast British, 1098 for more of an English flavor profile.


Steam My Blues Away Extract Kit

Similar to an American pale ale but different biscuit overtones and a woody/rosemary-ish hop profile from the style's signature Northern Brewer hops.


Premium Brewing Kit, Mr. Beer

The Premium Brew Kit comes with: Advanced Poly Vinyl Chloride Beer Keg Fermenter (2.5 gal.) 1 Can of West Coast Pale Ale Beer Mix 1 Single Serving Booster Pouch 1 Pouch of One Step Cleanser 8 One Liter Amber P.E.T. Bottles, Caps, and Labels Brewing with Mr. Beer Recipe Booklet Complete, Simple and Easy to Follow Instructions


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