XpressFill XF2500 - 2 Spout Carbonated Beverage Filler

Model: MB_KEG815


The carbonated beverage filler is a counter-pressure machine that fills bottles from a pressurized source, such as a keg, without losing carbonation; using a sensor probe that shuts off the fill at the desired height.,,Even though this machine is designed for carbonated beverages, it can also be used for still products, using a pressurized keg or pump.,,This machine can be used with bottle sizes that range from 8 ounces to 22 ounces and 750 to 800 ml, with a maximum height of 13.5 inches.,,Each bottle filler is built to order in our factory. Lead times vary, ranging from one day to two weeks. Please plan accordingly. We do our best to keep our lead times short, but as a small business, we depend on our suppliers. Your patience is very much appreciated.,,XpressFill bottle fillers are NOT certified as explosion proof, should be used in a well ventilated area, and not for use with solvents. It should be noted that 70% alcohol is 140 proof and has a flash point of 70°F, making the product volatile, as well as flammable.,Features:,,,200 Bottles per Hour capacity in beer, 12 oz,,,Weight: 24 lbs,,,Dimensions: 16 inches wide x 17 inches high x 11.5 inches deep

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