The Ultimate Conical Fermenter - 14 Gallon

Model: MB_CON312

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The Ultimate Conical Fermenter is a beautifully designed conical fermenter for the serious home brewer. Its features provide commercial brewery functionality at a consumer price. The Ultimate Conical Fermenter is easy to use and loaded with standard features.

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  • Ferment 10 to 11 gallon batches of beer with the Ultimate Conical Fermenter
  • The Ultimate Conical is designed to be the fastest cooling conical fermenter we have ever made!
  • Two cooling blocks strategically positioned will drive your beer to a whopping 45-50 degrees off of ambient temperatures!
  • With the added heating option, you will be able to control the temperature of your fermenting beer to within 1 degree, any time of the year
  • Features Removable foam insulation and is made of 304 Stainless Steel
  • 1.5 inch butterfly valve
  • Threadless racking arm with position indicator
  • Cone removes from stand for easy cleaning
  • Domed lid with 3 inch clover fitting at the top
  • Sturdy lid clamp allowing for 5 PSI of pressure
  • Pressure Relief welded right to the lid
Dimensions: N/A
Weight: 92 lbs.
Warranty: 10 year
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