Bottle Rinsing or Purging Base

Model: MB_CE970

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If there is a wine making product that should get a design award for usable simplicity, this is it. Imagine a system that for under $100 allows you to rinse bottles one case at a time, temporarily store them while they drain upside down, and then flush them with inert gas prior to filling. You're not dreaming... please read on!,,The base portion of the system connects to a water supply for rinsing or to your inert gas system for purging/flushing. In our ideal plan you have two bases. One is used for rinsing, the other, sitting right next to it, is used for purging.,,Comes with a female garden hose fitting attached to a plastic 1/2" barb fitting on the unit.,,The rinsing base might be placed in a tub that is recirculating with sanitizing solution (such as: CL27) or might just drain to the ground if you are working outside.,,*Note you will need to buy as many racks (CE971) as needed. Each rack holds 12 bottles.,12.25" L x 10.75" W x 3" H,Max Temp: 167° F (75° C)

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