Micro Filling Systems 4 Head Counter Pressure Filler

Model: MB_KEG811


Finally--a multi-head Counter Pressure filler at an affordable price point!,The Micro Filling Systems 4 Head Counter Pressure Filler works similarly to any other counter pressure filling device out there, but with greater ease and at a fraction of the cost of a custom built manual system or the semi and fully automated systems. Designed with the single worker in mind, our system requires only the minimum amount of handling per bottle., ,Unlike most other manual models where all the bottles are loaded at once and then the filling unit is clamped down on them before the filling process can begin, the Micro Filling Systems 4 Head Counter Pressure Filler allows the worker to load from the bottom and fill each bottle individually and immediately. This allows some bottles to be filling while others are being loaded, thus reducing down time as the worker no longer has to wait for all the bottles to be filled before pulling them off the system to be capped. This workflow dramatically increases the number of bottles you can fill per hour! The height of the filling heads is easily adjusted by loosening a knob on either side of the unit and moving it up or down to fit a variety of bottle sizes and even growlers. Please note that growlers will require a larger diameter bung--please measure your growler's mouth diameter and find the appropraite bung here., ,Key Features,,,,,,4 head manual counter pressure bottle filler with individual actuating stainless steel filler heads.,,,,,3 way stainless steel valves with purge, fill and off positions.,,,,,Stainless steel pressure relief valves to fine tune filling rates.,,,,,Easily removable stainless drip tray with barbed drain fitting for tube attachment.,,,,,HDPE mounting points to allow unit to be clamped or bolted to any desired surface.,,,,,Food grade liquid and gas lines with stainless fittings and tees.,,,,,Attachable to any carbonated beer, gas and cleaning solution source using many standard fittings.,,,,,Fully adjustable height control to allow filling of many different bottle sizes (or even growlers!).,,,,,Units are easily disassembled for servicing or additional cleaning.,,,,,1/4" Barbed inlets for both gas and beverage supply.,,,, ,,,See the filler in action at Strange Land Brewing Company in Austin, TX!,,, 

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