InfuSsion Mash Tun - 10 Gal

Model: MB_BE771

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An insulated, stainless steel Mashtun for hombrewing that will keep your mash at the temperature you set. Retains an amazing amount of heat since it is double walled with a layer of insulation between the two stainless walls. Unlike insulated plastic cooler the InfuSsion Mashtun is made of food safe stainless steel so you have no worries about the effect of heat on plastic.  With cool features like an integrated center drain port, gasketed false bottom setup, etched volume markers, stainless hardware, and a digital thermometer, this is the ultimate mashtun!   ,When Ss Brewtech tested against similar sized plastic cooler mash tuns, the Infussion dropped 5° F less over the course of a 60 minute mash. The center draining conical bottom vessel silicon gasketed false bottom minimizes the amount of water under the screen, what many brewers refer to as dead space, and allows for great efficiency. One of our favorite features is the simplest...the internal volume markers rid you forever of having to use a ruler to calculate the right amount of mash water.  ,This is a great addition to any brewery, and with the additional upgrade kits in the pipeline like a Sparging System, Heating & Temp Control System the InfuSsion Mashtun will become of your favorite pieces of equipment for years to come!  ,Features:,,,10 gallon capacity,,,Internal Volume Markers,,,Foam insulated Dual Wall 304 SS with excellent heat retention!,,,Thermowell included,,,Precision LCD thermometer,,,Foam insulated lid reduces heat loss,,,False Bottom with removable Silicone Gasket,,,Silicone handles for safety also act as a lid hanger,,,Temperature proof - never worry about leaching chemicals from plastic,,,Wall thickness is nearly an inch of dual layered steel and insulation.,,,PLEASE NOTE: These cannot be used in direct-fire applications. Do not use over a burner!,Dimensions: 20” H x 16” W

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