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Take the guesswork out of brewing with BeerSmith! Includes a sortable recipe database, beer style guidelines, populated ingredient database and dozens of brewing tools.,,The integration of recipe formulation, preparing proper yeast starters, calculating out mash cycles, and setting up proper fermentation temperature control schedules is truly a work of art. Plus, it's easy to print out recipes too! You can add new malts, hops, yeast and more to your inventory. Every homebrewer should have this!,,Suitable for the beginner, intermediate or advanced brewer including tools for extract, partial mash and all grain brewers. Incredibly easy to use with unlimited undo, simple web-like navigation, a preview pane and a no-nag interface. Includes over dozen standalone tools in addition to recipe analysis that is fully integrated with the recipe system. Equipment databases let you set up your equipment once and use it multiple times. Create a shopping list directly from any recipe. Mash profiles for the advanced brewer make changing your mash schedule a snap. BeerSmith will even build a step-by-step list of instructions directly from your recipe.,,,Note:,BeerSmith defaults to the Tinseth formula when calculating IBU's. All of our Ingredient Kits use the Tinseth formula instead of the Rager, which is used by ProMash (though you can change this calculation in the settings). One is not more accurate than the other, that is just what we use in house. Please keep this in mind when inputting any ProMash recipes into BeerSmith, and make sure to adjust the bitterness calculation setting first., ,Please Note: Opened product cannot be returned.

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