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MoreBeer E-Commerce PageOur low glutenAmerican Pale Ale kit includes a pound of crystal 40L to give the beermore body and beer-like flavors from grain. Features our new Ahtanumhops that have an amazing aroma. We have to call these kits low glutensince they have grain in them, although the traces of the gliadinprotein are undetectable based on our lab results. Low Gluten beers are a differentworld when it comes to finding asuitable replacement for the base extract. Celiacsare alleric to thehordein protein found in the base malts suchas 2-Row and Pilsner malt.As ahomebrewer your goal is to find a suitable fermentable that can emulatethemaltiness in beer.Our Low Glutenrecipes use Sorghumextract, rice extract, and candisyrup for color.Hops cut through themaltiness from sorghum easily.Hop additions in lowgluten beers tend to be 40-50% less than normal. Allour gluten kitsinclude dry yeast due to the small traces of the gliadin protein foundinliquid yeast.(Although lab research hasfound the yeast metabolize the gliadin protein after fermentation andsignificantly reduce the ppm present.)

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