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In Line Flow Control Compensator

Model: KO_G-IFCC


In Line Flow Control Compensator
This product allows you to restrict draft beer or other beverages in line, so you don't have to have a separate flow control faucet. This will allow you to control flow and foam in an existing system!
To install simply cut your existing beer lines in half, and clamp the flow controll unit to your existing draft beer hose using an oetiker clamp or worm clamp.  If your system is currently set up with a longer amount of beer hose than necessary, you can remove as much as you need.  You no longer need to have at least 5' of hose to provide the correct amount of restriction to pour a nice draft beer.  This in-line control valve does all the restricting for you and works great!

  • Uses an Allen wrench (provided) to adjust flow (keeps unauthorized people from changing flow), also available with lever.
  • Eliminate foam from beer or slow down/ speed up other beverages.
  • Fix systems with issues without having to replace lines or faucets.
  • Take the guess work out of line restriction. You can use shorter lines or larger inner diameter beer hose and still have perfect restriction.
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning, clear for easy monitoring.
  • Made in Germany from food grade plastic and stainless steel parts.

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