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SPIEGELAU Stemmed Tulip Glasses - 2 Pack

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The SPIEGELAU Stemmed Tulip Pilsner Glass - 2 Pack
One of our all time favorite beer glasses.  Don't let the name fool you, this glass makes for an all around excellent craft beer glass because the tulip shape helps to accentuate the aroma of your beer.
Bonus Set, Buy 3 glasses and get one free!  The SPIEGELAU Stemmed Tulip Pilsner may have Pilsner in it's name, but it is much more versatile than this.  The design of the glass (similar to a wine glass) makes it an excellent choice for high alcohol, complex beers.  It is an excellent glass for "Imperial" styles of beer.  Rich Stouts, Porters and many others.  This is the best selling beer glass in the SPIEGELAU beer glass lineup.  This glass with an Imperial Stout and a good cigar will cause anyone to fall in to a deep state of relaxation. 

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