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CMB V2G Beer Faucet - Forward Seal - Creamer Action

Model: KO_G-FA50 20-3635-00


Made by CMB of Germany and assembled in the United States.  This is one of the most heavy duty, beautifully finished stainless steel faucets on the market! 
In addition to it's great looks  it is full of technological advantages to help you pour the perfect beer using the most sanitary system in the industry. 
  • Forward Seal for better sanitation and operation.
  • Made in Germany and assembled in the USA!
  • Features a built in "Creamer" function so you can put a fine cream head on your beer.
  • Vents at the top for better sanitation
  • A very heavy duty stainless steel faucet with a bent stainless steel tube nozzle.
  • Closed Piston-chamber with encapsulated compression spring, This gives you:
    • No sticking together of the valve lifter
    • No Sticking together of the ventilation borehole
    • Creates a germ free environment for better sanitation.
    • No beer is trapped in system for more sanitary conditions.
    • 304 Stainless Steel construction for longer life and no "leaching" of materials
  • Also Available as an upgrade in all of our kits - contact us to upgrade a kit to these faucets
  • Made by the same company that makes the famous CM Becker Disconnects for home brew systems!

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