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Flow Control Beer Gun

Model: KO_G-FA320


Flow Control Beer Gun by CMB (Made in Germany) Flow Control Beer Gun is made in Germany by CMB and is is designed to deliver beer fast from a keg, foam free at your event or party!
Flow control allows you to dispense beer from your keg fast and foam free!  You can also use shorter hose length and 1/4" or larger inside diameter hose for faster flow.  If you were to use a larger diameter hose with normal draft system, this will cause beer to foam excessively because it does not provide the correct amount of restriction.
The flow control valve will allow you to restrict the beer flow and control foam, so beer length and inside diameter is not important!

Simply clamp your beer hose (which should be a 1/4" I.D. or larger) to the barb on the back side of this beer gun with a Oetiker Clamp or Worm Clamp.

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