Perlick 575SS CREAMER Draft Beer Faucet - Stainless Steel

Model: KO_G-FA203-FA903B


An excellent replacement for these facuets is the new CMB V3S Creamer Faucet.  Click link to view product.
Perlick 575SS CREAMER Beer Faucet - Forward Seal - Stainless Steel
When you pull the faucet down it acts as a normal faucet, but when you push faucet handle forward it gives you a creamy head!
The "Perl ball" and floating O-ring design eliminates the need for a valve shaft. Beer gets no exposure to air; there's literally no space for mold and bacteria to grow! This faucet has fewer internal parts for better reliability and fewer part replacement.
Select from the options below if you would like the faucet with or without a standard black handle:
  • Perlick 575SS - No Handle - 44.95
  • Perlick 575SS - With Handle - 47.95

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