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Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

Model: KO_G-CP502


Counter Pressure Bottle Filler for Home Brewing
Stop trying to fill beer bottles from your Cornelius Kegs at home without this.  All that foam that is overflowing from the bottles is precious homebrew you are wasting!  This Homebrew Counter Pressure Bottle Filler is designed to greatly reduce the foaming of your beer when filling bottles from your Cornelius Keg!
This Counter Pressure Bottle Filler kit gives you everything you need to connect the bottle filler to a CO2 regulator and standard MFL Cornelius Connectors.  Or Chose from the product options below and get the kit with Ball or Pin Lock Disconnects!
Regulator hose is ready to connect to standard MFL disconnects.
This kit includes all necessary clamps, hoses and parts you need to fill bottles as soon as you receive it.  Before buying other hombrew counter pressure bottle fillers, make sure they come with all the hoses and connections!
Instructions for use also included.
Choose from the product options Below (photograph shown above with Ball Lock Disconnects):

  • Standard (Without Disconnects) - $74.95
  • With Ball Lock Disconnects - $84.95
  • With Pin Lock Disconnects - $84.95

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