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Oetiker Clamps (Stainless Steel)

Model: KO_G-CP217


Stainless Steel Oetiker Clamps
The Oetiker Clamp is the best size Clamp for attaching hoses. The entire inner circumference of clamp is completely free of any steps, gaps or bridges for no-leak seals. It requires the use of a special tool (Oetiker Clamp Tool).

13.3 is typically used for attaching 3/16" beer line
14.5 is typically used for attaching 1/4" lines
15.7 is typically used for attaching 5/16" gas lines when the barbed fitting is 5/16". In many cases, regulators and air distributors come with a 3/8" barb on the shutoff (cockvalve). In this case, a 17.0 would need to be used.
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