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Sugar Creek Malt 2 Row Munich Malt

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  • Sugar Creek Munich Malt is a rich, toasty malt that can be used as a base, or to supplement base malts for a more rich beer with more body and malt character! It is made of 2 row Conlon malt grown right here in Indiana! With a Lovibond range between 8 and 10, it is comparable to many other Munich malts in color and flavor contribution. It has a strong malty flavor and slightly nutty aroma that goes well in any beer style where a little extra malt character is desired. It works especially well in Festbiers such as Marzens and Oktoberfest biers, but can work just as well as a portion of the grist for a pale ale or IPA!

    Barley malted right here in Indiana! Sugar Creek Malt Co. is a local malting company located 40 miles north of Indianapolis. Started with the intention of making fine, locally-produced malts for truly locally-produced beer, Great Fermentations is proud to be the exclusive retailer of their local malts to homebrewers! All barley malted by Sugar Creek Malt Co. comes from within 200 miles of their Boone County malting operation. Using a form of floor malting, Sugar Creek Malting Co. is able to monitor malting conditions hour-by-hour to ensure high quality malts for the end user!

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