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Blow-Off Assembly for Tri-Clamp Fermenator, Blichmann Engineering

Model: GF_GF222


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  • The tri-clamp blow-off assembly from Blichmann Engineering is a must have for those pushing the limits of their Fermenators and using especially vigorously fermenting strains of yeast, such as some Belgian and wheat strains. This assembly is essentially a tri-clamp fitting that connects to the top of the Fermenator lid where an airlock would normally go. An elbow that connects with tri-clamps is included, as well as a 1" barb for use with 1" tubing (tubing not included) that can be led out into a bucket or other vessel to create a blowoff airlock. With 1" of clearance, fermentations are sure to be free of hop and krausen jams that can create pressure buildups in the Fermenator, as these materials pass harmlessly into the overflow vessel. Once high krausen has dropped, a normal airlock and stopper can be fitted into the assembly for the remainder of fermentation. In addition to being a blowoff assembly, a 1" tri-clamp to 1/2" hose barb is included for use in pressuring the fermenter in order to pump beer out and rack into kegs or other containers. The easy way to both control fermentation and seamlessly pressurize the Fermenator for racking!

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