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  • The aquarium pump aeration system is a safe and economical way to introduce oxygen into your wort. The pump works to force air first through a sanitary in-line filter, which removes dirt and contaminants. It then pumps the air into your wort through the included 2 micron diffusion stone, dissolving much-needed oxygen into solution in the process. This system can help you achieve an oxygen concentration of 8 ppm. Simply allow it to run from 20 to 30 minutes. Unlike oxygenation systems where tanks must be replaced, this will never run out of air! Simple, effective and economical. If you are not yet actively aerating your chilled wort, you don't know what you (and your yeast) are missing!

    Comes with aeration pump, tubing, in-line filter, and 2 micron diffusion stone. Carboy NOT included.

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