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Stainless Blow Off Tube, Carboy

Model: GF_4607


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  • Tired of dealing with clogged airlocks, or replacing hard-to-clean tubing on your cobbled together blowoff assemblies? Great Fermentations is proud to bring you stainless steel blow off tubes! These are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is more inert and easier to clean than plastic. This makes it the perfect solution to all of your blow off problems! A 3/8" diameter means that it will perfectly fit universal stoppers or standard drilled stoppers. This stainless blow off tube with also fit the grommet on the larger 7.9 gallon capacity wine fermenting buckets, as well as the standard 6.5 gallons capacity beer fermenting buckets. No refilling your airlocks, easy-to-clean, and reuseable...Get your stainless steel blowoff tubes today!

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