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Safbrew T-58 Ale Yeast

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  • Fermentis's T-58 is a dry Belgian yeast known for producing bubblegum and banana fruitiness as well as some spice and pepper notes. Fermentis claims on its product sheet that phenolic characteristics are dominant, but many brewers tend to get more fruitiness, with the spice coming out mainly on the lower end of fermentation. Fermentation temperatures are crucial in the balance of fruity esters and peppery phenolics and can be manipulated through temperature control. T-58 sediments well, forming a tight layer on the bottom of the vessel, and is recommended for bottle and cask conditioning. It is a great dry alternative to many liquid Belgian strains and is capable of creating breathtakingly beautiful beers.

    Beers Styles: Belgian Blond Ale, Belgian Dark Strong Ale, Belgian Dubbel, Belgian Golden Strong Ale, Belgian Specialty Ale, Belgian Trippel, Bière de Garde, Saison.

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