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Blackberry Puree, 49 oz.

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  • Blackberry puree can be used to make an excellent blackberry wheat. It may also be used in lighter beers, like blonde ales, or added to darker beers such as stouts.

    Oregon Fruit Purees are commercially sterilized products that contain 100% real fruit with the seeds removed. These products can only be used in the primary or secondary fermenters. If boiled the flavor will be altered and a chill haze will be insured. Use roughly 1 can per 5 gallon batch while keeping in mind that different fruits have stronger flavors than others and each recipe calls for varying amounts of fruit added. For example, the same amount of fruit added to a wheat beer will be more evident than when added to a stout. Because there are no seeds there is 15% more fruit than in fresh or frozen fruit. These purees should be added to primary or secondary in order to avoid haze development and loss of aromatics that comes with boiling fruit.

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