Casks, Firkins, Beer Engines

Serve traditional Cask Conditioned Beer with these parts and accessories including stainless steel casks, firkins, beer engines and cask taps.

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1/4 Pint Beer Engine - Clamp On

Authentic beer engine manufactured by Harry Masons

Easily installs with a clamp system to the side of the bar top

1/4 pint pull with a cooling jacket

Includes an Engine Cylinder Nut, Engine Cylinder Tail Barb, compression washer, and drip tray

Serves beer from a cask


5 Gallon Pin Cask

An authentic pin cask made by Geemacher.

It holds 4.5 imperial gallons, or about 5.4 US gallons

Made of welded stainless steel

Compatible with plastic and wooden cask bungs

You will need to order the spigot, bungs, keystones and spiles as well


10.8 Gallon Firkin Beer Cask

10.8 US Gallons (41.412 Liters) for 86 16-ounce glasses of beer

Made entirely of food/beverage grade AISI 304 stainless steel

Fully rolled top and bottom stainless steel chimes

Fully passivated for a clean, sanitary and corrosive free surface

Both Shive and Keystone bungholes have anti-slip surfaces for tight seals


Single Cask Tap

Sturdy plastic design ensures a solid tap once in place

Has a single output for use with a beer engine

Connect using a tail (K313), nut (K312), sealing washer (K310)

Intended for use with 1/2" tubing


Cask Breather

Designed to keep a cask's headspace blanketed with CO2 rather than Air

Connect the low pressure regulator inline between the CO2 tank and the cask

The fixed pressure LPG regulator is designed for 11″ of water column, which translates to about 0.4 psig (psi gauge)


Rocket Hand Pump Beer Engine

A DIY beer engine hand pump

Requires the faucet be modified with a gooseneck style spout and sparkler tip