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Red Baron Bottle Capper

Red Baron Capper

Emily Bottle Capper

Red, double lever with magnet


Agata Bench Bottle Capper

Agata Bench Capper

Bench bottle cappers are typically faster and more stable than double-handle cappers.

Press the button to adjust the height to the bottle being capped.

Accomodates any bottle from 4 inch to 12 inch tall including champagne bottles.


Pneumatic Bottle Corking Machine

Big Red Pneumatic Corking Machine

Designed specifically for the small production commerical winery, including all wine - on - premises.

Sturdy, strong and easy to use.

Fully adjustable to fit a variety of bottle sizes.

Works properly with natural, twin disc, agglommerate and synthetic corks.


Portuguese Floor Bottle Corker

Portuguese Floor Corker

Plastic crimping jaws


Red Baron Premium Bottle Capper

The Red Baron Capper is our favorite handheld bottle capper. Simply place your sanitized cap on a full bottle, center the capper bell on the cap, and press down on both handles. Voila! you've got a perfectly sealed bottle of brew. Easy to use and mechanically more sound than the more economical Gloria Double Lever Bottle Capper, the Red Baron has a place in every homebrewer's equipment profile. In addition to being sturdier than the Gloria, the Red Baron can also be converted to bottle 29mm Belgian style caps! (A 299mm. Crimping Cap, item #17550, is required, as well as flipping the metal inserts in the Red Baron body.) Do it all with the Red Baron Bottle Capper!


Gloria Double Lever Bottle Capper

The Gloria Double Lever Bottle Capper is an affordable way to cap all your bottles. It is a standard hand held capper with two levers. Simply place a crown cap on a bottle, position the capper bell over the cap, squeeze down on both handles, and you've got a capped and sealed bottle of your home brew! The Gloria is a great tool for the beginning homebrewer, or for the fermentation enthusiast who needs to do small scale bottling.


Super Agata Bench Capper

The Super Agata Bench Capper is a traditional style bottle capping device with a spring mounted capping mechanism. It can be adjusted to fit bottles of different sizes. Capping bottles is as easy as centering the bottle and pressing down on the lever! This capper also features a magnet to keep caps in place. The biggest advantage to this style may be that it features one-hand operation, leaving your other hand free to steady the bottle. Many happy homebrewers report that this model cuts their bottling time in half. Remember: less time spent bottling your beer means more time spent drinking your beer!


Emily Wing Bottle Capper

Emily Wing Capper

The Emily wing capper is a great little capper as it can handle the smallest of projects or an all-day capping affair.

The interior plates can be switched around for capping larger 38mm caps.

The Emily's petite size allows easy storage in a drawer!


Gilda Compression Level Corker

A high quality hand wine bottle corker.

This ingenious corker functions like large corkers on stands, first compressing the cork cylindrically, then pushing it straight into the bottle.

Solid construction of nylon and aluminium.