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Use brewing paddles to Stir Your Wort While Home Brewing. Browse our brewing paddles and choose from Plastic, Metal or Wooden Brewing Paddles.

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Stainless Steel Brewing Paddle

This is a 42 inch Stainless steel brewing paddle.

It can be used for stirring your mash and your wort.

There is no bending or wood splintering with this brewing paddle.

Great for big batches and all-grain brewing.


Round Plastic Spoon 18-inch

Boil proof rigid plastic spoon for stirring wort, grains, wines.

Spoon/ Brewing Paddle - Plastic 18 inch (round)


Anvil Stainless Steel Mash Paddle

Improve your mash efficiency by mashing in right with this 24" stainless steel mash paddle from Anvil Brewing Equipment! Made from 14 guage stainless steel, this mash paddle can help you break up doughballs and do a more thorough job of mashing in, raking the grain bed and stirring your mash. The paddle features anvil-shaped holes for a unique approach to the classic mash paddle. With a hook on the end of the handle, you can hang this paddle from your kettle or anywhere else when not in use. A great addition to your brewing arsenal from Anvil!


Anvil Stainless Steel Brewing Spoon

A sturdy, affordable brewing spoon made with 16 Gauge stainless steel, this commercial-grade brewing spoon will last a lifetime! Anvil has engineered this spoon to last, being twice as thick as most imported stainless steel spoons that are made with inferior steel. It measures 20.5 inches in length, which is great for most small-scale brewing applications. Perfect for brewing, this spoon features a hook at the end of the handle for easy and convenient hanging between use.


All Grain Mash Paddle

Made in the USA

Maple Paddle for larger all-grain batches, or for stirring in larger brew kettles and plastic coolers

100% Maple, no oils, varnish, stains, etc. used

Paddles are built to last


Stainless Steel Whip Whisk

For stirring up malt extract and grain in your homebrew mash

Made of 18/8 stainless steel material

Strong wire for breaking up any clumps in your mash

Comes with stainless steel handle

Measures 24-inch length