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Replacement Lid Filter Spring for Blichmann Fermenator

This is a replacement filter spring for the removable lid hatch on the Blichmann Fermenator. It can be easily installed by placing on the inside of the lid hatch where the pressure relief assembly protrudes. This spring helps to filter out yeast and trub that can cause the pressure relief valve to become stuck and malfunction. Make sure that never happens with a replacement lid filter spring today!


1/2" NPT Adapter Bushing for Blichmann Tower of Power

Allows you to install the Blichmann Tower of Power temperature sensors or Weldless Brewmometers into a 1/2" female NPT fitting. Make sure to apply Teflon tape (not included) to the outside of the bushing (on the NPT threads) before installing.

Note: Once installed, the bushing cannot be removed. Also avoid over tightening as it can damage the components.


Sight Glass Screw Set for Blichmann BoilerMaker, 4 Pack

Replacement set of screws for your BoilerMaker sight glass. Those pesky things have a tendency to wander off when you've taken the sight glass apart, so make sure you have some of these available to prevent a disaster on your brew day!


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