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Float Switch Hole Punch for Blichmann Electric BoilerMaker

Add this item to your cart if you would like to have a hole punched in your BoilerMaker brew pot (also in your cart) for use with the Low Level Float Switch.


9" Float Rod for Blichmann AutoSparge

Need to increase your range of motion with the Blichmann Autosparge? A longer float rod can do just that! Three inches longer than the standard 6" float road that comes with the Autosparge, this float road can give you more range of motion for large brews and brew kettles. A minimum pot or mash tun diameter of 15" is required for use of the 9" float rod. Easily installed by simply screwing into the Autosparge body and float ball, this will help you to use the Autosparge to its fullest potential!


12" Float Rod for Blichmann AutoSparge

Doing big brews or using big equipment with the Blichmann Autosparge? You might consider going with a longer float rod! A full six inches longer than the 6" float rod that comes standard on the Blichmann Autosparge, this longer rod can give you a wider range of motion for bigger brew kettles and mash tuns. This gives your more control and flexibility with your sparging capabilities. A minimum pot or mash tun diameter of 18" is required for use of the 12" float rod. Get the most out of your Autosparge!


Dip Tube Kettle Fitting for Blichmann BoilerMaker

Replacement dip tube bulkhead fitting for the Blichmann BoilerMaker.


Bottom Dump Fitting Assembly for NPT Blichmann Fermenator

Bottom dump fitting assembly for all NPT model Fermenators.


1/2" Racking Arm Gasket for Blichmann Tri-Clamp Fermenator

When the gaskets on your tri-clamp Fermenator racking arm become worn or destroyed, look no further than Great Fermentations for your replacement! We offer you these replacement gaskets for the racking arm on your Blichmann tri-clamp fermenator. These create a perfect seal for full functionality of the racking arm. Don't be caught with a leaky gasket! Get your replacement from Great Fermentations today!


1" Bottom Dump Gasket for Blichmann Tri-Clamp Fermenator

These 1" gaskets hold together your bottom dump assembly! Fitting on the 1" bottom dump on your Blichmann tri-clamp fermenator, these create a seal between the pieces on your bottom dump assembly that are joined together by tri-clamps. Always handy to have in abundance, these are an indispensable part for your tri-clamp connections. Get a few extras today!


Boilermaker Seal Kit, Blichmann Engineering

No one likes a leaky brew kettle! The BoilerMaker line of brew kettles from Blichmann Engineering contain a number of o-rings to seal in all the high-tech components. Over time, these can wear, and excessively rough cleaning techniques can cause them to break or (more commonly) get lost. Never put off brewing due to a lost or broken o-ring again! This kit comes with all the replacement o-rings you need for a BoilerMaker brew kettle, including external seals for the three-piece ball valve, sight glass and Brewmometer. Very handy to have on hand in case of a brew day emergency!


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