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PDG Pale Ale All-Grain Kit

The balance between hops and malt are the hallmark of this recipe. A combination of Centennial, Simcoe, Warrior and Cascade hops blends well with the background of munich, wheat, 20L crystal, carapils and aromatic malts. This pale ale is Pretty Darn Good (PDG). Cheers!


Deck Hand Stout All-Grain Kit

Roasty, smooth, and highly drinkable! This is a classic Irish Stout with plenty of dark roasted malts that add to the coffee, chocolate, and caramel flavors. Bittered with Cluster and with an East Kent golding addition at 30 minutes. Wyeast Irish Ale 1084 completes the flavor.


Easy Wheat All-Grain Kit

Liquid wheat extract with a little pale malt and carapils for body provide a versatile base beer that is light, crisp, and refreshing. For a German style wheat beer with the signature banana/clove flavors, use Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan or 3056 Bavarian wheat yeasts. For a more neutral American wheat beer flavor, try Wyeast 1010 American Wheat yeast. This beer works well as the base for fruit beers. To compliment the fruit, try a yeast that provides a bit of sweetness in the finish, such as Wyeast 1272 American Ale II or Wyeast 1187 Ringwood Ale.


Pacific Heights DIPA All-Grain Kit

Bursting with hops, this West-Coast Double IPA is a beer sure to please you and all of your hophead friends! A little bit of white wheat and biscuit malt give this beer its character, while corn sugar helps to dry the beer out and increase the alcohol content. Layer Galaxy and Chinook hops over this base, and you've got one of the most drinkable big IPAs this side of the Mississippi! Resiny, big and delicious, Pacific Heights always brings huge flavor to the table!


St. Gambrinus Spiced Holiday Ale All-Grain Kit

A spiced delight! St. Gambrinus's Spiced Holiday Ale makes use of a rich assortment of grains to give it a refined malt backbone. Honey, Munich II and Simpson's dark crystal malts combine to give this ale a character orange color and a delicious malty sweetness. Add to this an array of spices, and you have one of the best holiday ales a homebrewer could put on their holiday wish list! Cinnamon, ginger and orange peel appear in the boil, and the spice character is solidified by adding more cinnamon, cardamom and allspice into secondary. A truly enjoyable ale with which to ring in the holiday season! Please note that the spices called for in this recipe, are not included in the kit. You'll have to raid your pantry or your local grocery store for these.


Honey Lager All-Grain Kit

The floral accents of Tettnang hops play off the honey aroma of a pound of honey malt and honey syrup. We recommend Wyeast California Lager yeast for a clean malty finish. Although this is a lager yeast, it ferments well from 58-68F.


Black Hole IPA All-Grain Kit

Looks like a porter. Drinks like an IPA. Dark in color but not acrid or overly roasty from the use of Carafa III. Columbus, galena, centennial and cascade provide the citrus hop punch you expect.


Nutcase Brown All-Grain Kit

A full bodied brown ale featuring complex malty sweetness from the munich, medium crystal and chocolate with a heavy dose of nutty-flavored grain. Hops are subdued to let the grain bill shine.


Dred Brown Porter All-Grain Kit

A dark, malty brown ale with caramel and chocolate notes that is nicely balanced. Medium and dark crystal paired with chocolate and roasted barley and some wheat for head retention. Willamette for bittering and flavoring hops. Use Wyeast British, 1098 for more of an English flavor profile.


Red Ale All-Grain Kit

A pound of medium crystal, a little wheat for head retention and a bit of roasted barley for color. Five HBUS of Willamette for bitterness. Think malty red ale for the masses.


Scottish 80 Schilling All-Grain Kit

Deep amber from two ounces of chocolate, an ounce of roasted barley combined with some dark munich, wheat and carapils and you have yourself a Scottish 80 schilling - caramel and slight roastiness with a balance leaning towards malty sweetness. Bittered with Fuggles and East Kent Goldings with just a little Fuggles in the finish. With an original gravity of around 1.050 this is a flavorful beer in the 4.5% ABV range.


Bock of Ages All-Grain Kit

What could be better than a rich, malty traditional German-style bock? How about one that you made yourself? Our Bock of Ages is a delicious bock that uses Munich as the majority of the base for a bready, malty flavor, with a little bit of pilsner malt. Add some melanoidin and Special B malts for character and a slight stone fruit sweetness, and balance that with some Magnum hops. With that, you've got a bock suitable for even the most lederhosen-laden beer festivalst! Why travel all the way to Germany when you can enjoy the taste of authentic German beer in the comfort of your own personal biergarten? Brew up the Bock of Ages for your friends and family!


MilleniALE Falcon Pale Ale All-Grain Kit

The flavor is strong with this one! MilleniALE Falcon is an American pale ale that features Falconer's Flight, a blend of popular American hops with a strong citrus and pine character. This blend plays nicely with a simple yet delicious grain bill. Crystal 60 malt adds depth and residual sweetness and contributes to body and head retention, along with carapils malt. Add a toasted note with some victory, and you have the base for a quite drinkable beer! No bittering hops, just flavor and aroma additions that make for a smooth and tasty pale ale. Your taste buds will make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs!


White House Honey Ale All-Grain Kit

Ale to the Chief! Thanks to a Freedom of Information request by eager home brewers, we are proudly able to offer you a beer kit of the White House Honey Ale, the same beer the president drinks in his down time. Developed by the White House kitchen staff for the president, this delicious ale is brewed with honey to dry it out, leaving it crisp and refreshing. Whether arguing over politics or making new friends, this is one beer that all sides of the political spectrum can agree upon!


Scottie MacRocketts All-Grain Kit

Luscious and almost naughty, Scottie MacRocketts is local homebrewer Nathan Compton's contest-winning strong Scotch ale! Malty and delicious, this beer is very well balanced for such a huge brew. Munich and Simpson's Medium Crystal malts contribute extra maltiness and residual sweetness respectively. For the little bit of color and roastiness that are characteristic of strong Scotch ales, a little bit of both chocolate malt and roasted barley are used. The malt character is balanced by two additions of Fuggle hops and give it just enough hop bitterness to cut the malty goodness.

Nathan's beer wowed the Great Fermentations staff, and a decision was made: this recipe must be brought to the masses! Thanks to Nathan's blessing (which he probably gave a little more freely after having a few pints of this beer), you can make it at home yourself!


White House Honey Porter All-Grain Kit

One thing all homebrewers can be bipartisan about, regardless of political affiliation, is good beer! This honey porter recipe was developed for the president by members of the White House kitchen staff. Dark and delicious, with a pound of honey to dry the beer out, this beer goes well whether arguing politics or just trying to get along. Ale to the Chief!


Oatmeal Stout All-Grain Kit

A full-bodied stout with plenty of roasted malt and a bit of medium crystal to soften the edges. As you pour this one into a glass, the black viscous liquid billows forth a dark brown creamy head (from the full pound of flaked oats) that lingers to the last drop! Each sip coats the tongue with roasted, chocolate, and caramel notes that take hold of your taste buds and relentlessly pamper them with flavor.


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