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Chamomile Wheat All-Grain Kit

A slightly sweet wheat beer with a strong aroma of fresh chamomile. Munich, wheat and aromatic malts provide a simple background for the banana and clove of the yeast and the chamomile for a sum that is greater than its parts. The Bavarian Wheat yeast strain contributes slight banana and clove undertones.


Witless In Indianapolis All-Grain Kit

A blend of wheat and pale malts with flaked oats give this Belgian wit beer a creamy texture and a thick moosey head. Bittered with Saaz hops and finished with bitter orange peel and coriander this is your home brewed answer to Blue Moon. There is a little extra coriander and orange peel in the kit if you want to add more in the secondary to kick up the aroma. Use Wyeast 3944 Belgian Wit yeast for the rest of the flavor profile. Doesn't take a lot of aging to reach its peak.


Alefest Rye IPA All-Grain Kit

Spicy rye malt combined with a load of American hops creates an explosion of taste in your mouth. Citrus and grapefruit notes from the hops are well balanced by a huge malt backbone made up of munich, medium crystal, carapils, flaked wheat and the subtle spiciness from the rye.


Hops Anonymous All-Grain Kit

Hop Anonymous is an American IPA brewed in conjunction with Andrew Castner, Head Brewer at RAM Restaurant and Brewery in Indianapolis. A nutty malt character and fruity, spicy, and resin-like hop notes all make this a very tasty pint. Castner describes his great fermentation: I wanted to see what flavors would come from large amounts of Victory Malt. The result was a pronounced nut and toast character in the malt to go along with the citrus and herbal aspects of the American hops. Dry-hop at least a week at room temperature to create character.


Piney the Welder All-Grain Kit

A big, West Coast Double IPA crammed with loads of aroma hops! Piney the Welder is a clone of another similarly-named "elder" beer that has been named the #1 beer in America by the AHA many times over. It gets its bitterness from hop extract, delivering a good hop bite and character that balances out the maltiness of the beer. Using a little bit of Crystal 60L and Carapils to give the beer character. A plethora of American hops give this beer big hop flavor and aroma. Three huge, very American hops contribute to this hoppiness: Centennial, Columbus and Simcoe. With a load of hops going in at the end of the boil and at dry hop time, Piney comes out like liquid hop nectar. The perfect double IPA for true hop heads!


Mosaic Medley All-Grain Kit

An easy drinking American Pale Ale using super late additions of Mosaic Hops for a huge hop flavor and aroma. Mosaic is a newer hop on the market, crossed between Simcoe and Nugget. Look for big tropical fruit and floral notes, with some earthiness tossed in for good measure. A well rounded sessionable APA that you'll want to have a couple of.


Ryerish Red Ale All-Grain Kit

Ryerish Red Ale is the brainchild of Jonathon Mullens, brewer at the Broad Ripple Brewpub in Indianapolis, Indiana. At the helm of the oldest operating brewery in the state of Indiana, Jonathon has brought his knowledge, expertise, and love of rye to the table to create this spectacular beer! Collaborating with Wes Martin, our brewer here, the two have come up with a fantastic brew! Using a healthy portion of both malted rye and chocolate rye to give the ale its characteristic spicy flavor and slightly red color, the two have also used amber, melanoidin and Special B malts to perfectly round out the beer. On tap at the Broad Ripple Brewpub for a limited time, Great Fermentations gives you the opportunity to make this beer at home for yourself!


Chocoholic Porter All-Grain Kit

If you like chocolate, you will love this beer. Nearly 2 lbs. of crystal malt, paired with chocolate, debitterized black and carapils meld with 24 tablespoons of cocoa powder to make this a perfect marriage of beer and chocolate. We suggest Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale yeast to add enough sweetness to balance the unsweetened chocolate. Want to kick it up a notch? Add a hint of raspberry flavoring. Note that this recipe calls for 1.5 cups of Cocoa Powder which is not included in the kit, but can be purchased at your local grocery store. Don't pick hot chocolate mix though!


Mr. Gorbachev Berliner Weisse All-Grain Kit

This Berliner Weisse style beer is light and dry with a tart finish. Highly refreshing and low in alcohol content make this ale a great thirst quencher.


Octoberfester All-Grain Kit

We create the Octoberfest flavor palette from lots of munich, toast from biscuit and rich caramel from melanoidin malt. This amber colored beer starts with a firm malt grasp that quickly gives way to a slightly dry finish with lingering hop flavor from the hallertau and saaz. Use Wyeast Octoberfest 2633 if you can lager, Wyeast Bohemian lager 2124 if you don't have control over temperature.


Porter Call Me A Taxi All-Grain Kit

This recipe has stood the test of time. First brewed over 13 years ago and has been a Great Fermentations standard ever since. With an original gravity of around 1.054, this beer is so flavorful that it drinks as a much bigger beer. A rich unsweetened to semi-sweet chocolate palate comes from a pound of chocolate malt and 4 oz. of debitterized black. The palate is rounded out with some 60L crystal and enough Cluster hops to bitter. We suggest Wyeast 1007 German Ale for a dry finish or 1728 Scottish Ale for a more malty finish. Want to change it up? Add cacao nibs or cold-pressed coffee in the secondary.


Big Little Guy Session IPA All-Grain Kit

Big on hops, low in alcohol! Big Little Guy Session IPA follows in the footsteps of many commercially-produced session IPAs by delivering a big hop punch without harsh bitterness. In addition, the ABV is kept low, so that you can have several in a session and not fall flat on your face! This Founder's All Day IPA clone includes a combination of Amarillo, Simcoe and Crystal hops that fill out the hop profile, delivering a delicious burst of hops on the pallet that do not linger or become overly bitter. A blend of crystal malts, dark wheat and flaked oats contribute sweetness, body and mouthfeel to balance the beer out. With a quick turnaround, this beer is incredibly easy to make and can be ready to drink quickly! In a few weeks you'll be sitting on the back porch, enjoying several of these with friends. Cheers!


Winter Porter All-Grain Kit

A rich, spicy porter with hints of caramel and dark chocolate and roast, mixed in with a backdrop of sweet orange peel, juniper berries and star anise. There are just enough hops to provide a backbone to the rich character coming from the grains and spices.


Belgian Dubbel All-Grain Kit

Rich and complex with a strong malty sweetness that finishes moderately dry. Dried fruit and dark caramel flavors are balanced with a slightly spicy fruitiness derived from the Belgian yeast. This is a beer that will surely improve and develop with age!


Sweet Georgia Brown All-Grain Kit

Not too hoppy with 7 HBUs of Galena for bitterness and a specialty grain bill of medium crystal, chocolate and wheat. There is a touch of sweetness from a half pound of lactose and a cup of brown sugar added during the last 10 minutes of the boil. Sweet Georgia Brown will remind you of an English style brown ale.


American Wheat All-Grain Kit

A light and easy drinking wheat beer with a subtle spicy hop aroma. Aromatic, munich and flaked wheat impart a malt-bread flavor with a bit of creaminess from the flaked wheat. Bittered with Saaz and hallertau and finished with a half ounce of hallertau at the end of the boil. Use Wyeast American Wheat 1010 for a dry, slightly tart, crisp beer with none of the German weizen esters. Make it into a raspberry wheat by adding a pound of raspberry puree toward the end of fermentation.


BrewBQ Pale Ale All-Grain Kit

A very balanced pale ale with a strong floral aroma from the Columbus dry hop. Light in color and body but full in flavor, this is the perfect beer to pair with your favorite barbeque!


Life's A Beach Session IPA All-Grain Kit

Life's A Beach is a small session beer that drinks like a big IPA! Very smooth, the low ABV on this beer means that you can have several in a session without falling flat on your face. But that doesn't mean it's light on flavor! Crystal 20 malt provides residual sweetness and body on top of the base, with Maris Otter rounding out the malt character with a bit of breadiness. A melange of hops dominated by Amarillo give this beer its delicious hopiness! A perfect beer for the beach, or any occasion!


Nutter Porter All-Grain Kit

Rich chocolate malt mingles with 2 lbs. of PB2 powdered peanut butter to make a truly decadent porter. Golden Naked Oats add body and creaminess, turning this classic robust porter into something so much more. So good you will say, I'll have a nutter, please. Consider adding cocoa nibs into the secondary fermenter to make this porter truly over the top! Note that this recipe is written for a 6 gallon batch to account for the extra sediment from the peanut butter. Final yield will be 5 gallons after racking off of layer of sediment.


Slovenian Blonde Ale All-Grain Kit

A light session ale in the 3-4% ABV range. Small amounts of munich and flaked wheat provide a neutral palate for fruit, spice or herb beers. If adding any of these, we suggest using a yeast that will provide a little residual sweetness like Wyeast American II 1272 or Ringwood ale 1187. This beer is good on its own but a great base for fruit beers.


Thanks for the Mammaries Milk Stout All-Grain Kit

Think stout with a hint of sweetness from the addition of lactose in the boil. The resulting sweetness takes the sharp dark grain edge off the stout . The sweetness isn't so pronounced to take away from the beer.


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