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R-A-V-B Extract Kit

Heavy on munich malt, with Special B and light crystal adding caramel and dark fruit notes. A pinch of chocolate and roasted barley bring up the color and roastiness. Liberty is used to bitter and tettnang for finishing.


Heady Nugs Extract Kit

A big West Coast style imperial IPA, with loads of late addition hops and a quarter pound of dry hops. It finishes nice and dry, and is dangerously easy to drink. Additions of Columbus, Simcoe, and Nugget lend big, pungent American hop flavors, with a giant, heady aroma that punches you in the nose. Heady Nugz is, in fact, a beer that makes a completely irresponsible use of hops. If you are a certified hophead, this beer will be right up your alley!
A yeast starter or two packs of liquid yeast are suggested for this big boy


Hop Truck IPA Extract Kit

An unique grain bill using 20L crystal, wheat, honey malt , rye and carapils with a touch of honey at the end of the boil combining to be a very drinkable IPA. Citralumbarillo hops added at 60, 45 15 and dry hop.


Dubbelicious Extract Kit

A great Belgian dubbel is a thing of beauty. Rich, fruity and delicious, they drink easily without revealing their strength. Instead, they are smooth on the palate, and land on the tongue with notes of stone fruit and slight hints of caramel sweetness. Our Dubbelicious is just what it sounds like...a delicous Belgian dubbel!

Munich and Vienna malts give a bready malt character that is highlighted with a little bit of Caramunich Belgian caramel malt. A little Belgian candi syrup adds to the color and flavor of the finished beer, while the sweet character is balanced by a generous addition of Tettnang hops. When fermented with a Belgian yeast, this beer turns out beautifully! For a real treat, try adding some Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice at bottling or kegging time!


White House Honey Ale Extract Kit

Creates more bzzzzzz than the white house press corps; introducing the Great Fermentations White House Honey Ale beer recipe kit, thanks to the original recipe shared by the White House staff. This extract version of the famous drink will get you one step closer to your very own beer summit with your favorite political opponent after an argument over the latest debates. When you feel that you can't take any more politics, just remember that age old slogan: Relax. Don't Worry. Have a Home Brew.


Charisma Cream Ale Extract Kit

This beer is very well balanced with no strong accents of malt or hop. Low bitterness from the hops contribute to the seemingly dry finish. Simple and elegant at the same time.


Bombastic IPA Extract Kit

A hop-lover's dry-hopped dream… gold in color with intense citrusy hop aroma and complex hop flavor of passion fruit and gooseberry. The high alcohol content provides a balance to this massively hopped IPA. A staff fav.


Pacific Heights DIPA Extract Kit

Bursting with hops, this West-Coast Double IPA is a beer sure to please you and all of your hophead friends! A little bit of white wheat and biscuit malt give this beer its character, while corn sugar helps to dry the beer out and increase the alcohol content. Layer Galaxy and Chinook hops over this base, and you've got one of the most drinkable big IPAs this side of the Mississippi! Resiny, big and delicious, Pacific Heights always brings huge flavor to the table!


Classic Dry Stout Extract Kit

Our Classic Dry stout is the genre of Guinness Draught or Murphy's stouts which are light in body and just roasty enough. Almost a dark session ale.

Original Gravity: 1.042 - 1.046
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 3.9 - 4.5%
Intl. Bittering Units (IBUs): 32 - 42


Ivan the Terribly Delicious Extract Kit

Ivan the Terribly Delicious will dominate your taste buds! A big imperial red ale that looks and drinks like a red double IPA, Ivan will storm your mouth with a satisfying combination of huge malt flavor and delicous American hops! Cara-Amber malt gives this beer a red hue and fullness, while Columbus, Amarillo and Citra hops provide a wonderful citrus character. Using an English yeast strain to ferment this beer allows the malt and slight residual sweetness to perfectly balance the hop character.

Developed by Great Fermentations employee Brandon, this beer has found favor with our whole crew. Now, thanks to his liberty with the recipe, we bring the opportunity to brew his fabulous imperial red ale to you. Ivan the Terribly Delicious will make you the unquestioned beer Tsar among all your friends!


Scottie MacRocketts Extract Kit

Luscious and almost naughty, Scottie MacRocketts is local homebrewer Nathan Compton's contest-winning strong Scotch ale! Malty and delicious, this beer is very well balanced for such a huge brew. Munich and Simpson's Medium Crystal malts contribute extra maltiness and residual sweetness respectively. For the little bit of color and roastiness that are characteristic of strong Scotch ales, a little bit of both chocolate malt and roasted barley are used. The malt character is balanced by two additions of Fuggle hops and give it just enough hop bitterness to cut the malty goodness.

Nathan's beer wowed the Great Fermentations staff, and a decision was made: this recipe must be brought to the masses! Thanks to Nathan's blessing (which he probably gave a little more freely after having a few pints of this beer), you can make it at home yourself!


American Ale, Mr. Beer

From the Mr. Beer standard series, the American Ale has a rich golden color, citrusy hop aroma with a crisp bitterness, and a light toasty malt character.

This recipe will yield 2 gallons of beer in approximately 2 weeks. The kit includes the following items:

  • 1 Can Hopped Malt Extract (HME)
  • 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast


PDG Pale Ale Extract Kit

The balance between hops and malt are the hallmark of this recipe. A combination of Centennial, Simcoe, Warrior and Cascade hops blends well with the background of munich, wheat, 20L crystal, carapils and aromatic malts. This pale ale is Pretty Darn Good (PDG). Cheers!


Bock of Ages Extract Kit

What could be better than a rich, malty traditional German-style bock? How about one that you made yourself? Our Bock of Ages is a delicious bock that uses Munich as the majority of the base for a bready, malty flavor. Add some melanoidin and Special B malts for character and a slight stone fruit sweetness, and balance that with some Magnum hops. With that, you've got a bock suitable for even the most lederhosen-laden beer festivalst! Why travel all the way to Germany when you can enjoy the taste of authentic German beer in the comfort of your own personal biergarten? Brew up the Bock of Ages for your friends and family!


Chico Suave Pale Ale Extract Kit

A pale ale straight from the West Coast, Chico Suave Pale Ale is smooooooth and delicious! A clone of the classic example of an American Pale Ale, Chico Suave gets a touch of residual sweetness from Crystal 60L malt. Using Perle hops for bitterness, it gets its substantial hop flavor and aroma from Cascade hops, a hop that many would argue is the embodiment of American hops. Not too high in alcohol and pleasantly hoppy without being too bitter, Chico Suave is a perfect beer for any time or season and pleases every time!


Hops Anonymous Extract Kit

Hop Anonymous is an American IPA brewed in conjunction with Andrew Castner, Head Brewer at RAM Restaurant and Brewery in Indianapolis. A nutty malt character and fruity, spicy, and resin-like hop notes all make this a very tasty pint. Castner describes his great fermentation: I wanted to see what flavors would come from large amounts of Victory Malt. The result was a pronounced nut and toast character in the malt to go along with the citrus and herbal aspects of the American hops. Dry-hop at least a week at room temperature to create character.


Piney the Welder Extract Kit

A big, West Coast Double IPA crammed with loads of aroma hops! Piney the Welder is a clone of another similarly-named "elder" beer that has been named the #1 beer in America by the AHA many times over. It gets its bitterness from hop extract, delivering a good hop bite and character that balances out the maltiness of the beer. Using a little bit of Crystal 60L and Carapils to give the beer character. A plethora of American hops give this beer big hop flavor and aroma. Three huge, very American hops contribute to this hoppiness: Centennial, Columbus and Simcoe. With a load of hops going in at the end of the boil and at dry hop time, Piney comes out like liquid hop nectar. The perfect double IPA for true hop heads!


Petite Saison Extract Kit

This Petite Saison is gold in color with a slight hop aroma that is overshadowed by the wonderful spiciness that the yeast brings to the table. Notes of pepper, clove and fruity tartness bring flavorful life to this medium bodied ale and those who are fortunate enough to enjoy it! Great beer to make in the summer because saison yeasts like it hot!

If using Wyeast #3724 Belgian Saison yeast, pitch at around 85-90F and keep your fermentation temperature in the same range. This yeast has a tendency to stick at around 1.035 specific gravity, but will finish, given time and warm temperatures.


St. Gambrinus Spiced Holiday Ale Extract Kit

A spiced delight! St. Gambrinus's Spiced Holiday Ale makes use of a rich assortment of grains to give it a refined malt backbone. Honey, Munich II and Simpson's dark crystal malts combine to give this ale a character orange color and a delicious malty sweetness. Add to this an array of spices, and you have one of the best holiday ales a homebrewer could put on their holiday wish list! Cinnamon, ginger and orange peel appear in the boil, and the spice character is solidified by adding more cinnamon, cardamom and allspice into secondary. A truly enjoyable ale with which to ring in the holiday season! Please note that the spices called for in this recipe, are not included in the kit. You'll have to raid your pantry or your local grocery store for these.


Classic American Light, Mr. Beer

This Mr. Beer Standard Series beer has a pale straw color, mild in flavor, and a light body with a dry crisp finish. The beer is a representation of our nation's favorite commercial beer style. Serve it ice cold for clean, refreshing taste

This recipe will yield 2 gallons of beer in approximately 2 weeks. The kit includes the following items:

  • 1 Can Hopped Malt Extract (HME)
  • 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast


Trippple End Extract Kit

A Belgian tripel style ale - golden in color with plenty of peppery spiciness coupled with a soft malt character. This ale can be enjoyed fresh, but surely improves with age! Two pounds of clear candi sugar help to push the original gravity on this beer while maintaining a medium body. The candi sugar, the phenols from the yeast and the high carbonation contribute to a crisp, dry finish that awakens the palate. Three additions of Tettnang hops at 60, 30 and 45 minutes add just enough hop bitterness to cut through the alcohol. Either Wyeast Belgian Abbey Ale, #1214 or Trappist Ale, #3787 are good choices. Pitch yeast in the 65F range and let the temperature ramp up into the low 70s during fermentation to avoid fusel alcohols and encourage some fruitiness. due to the higher original gravity, we suggest using a yeast starter. A blow-off tube might also be a good idea.


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