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Pumpkin Ale All-Grain Kit

The grain bill contributes an orange color but the can of pumpkin steeped with the grain really brings out the perfect color. A blend of spices that includes nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, and dried ginger just screams PUMPKIN PIE! Some like it spicier so we give you the option for adding more spices in the secondary. Use Wyeast British ale yeast #1335 to give the beer some residual sweetness. Please note that the canned pumpkin and spices used in this recipe are not included in the kit. You'll have to raid your pantry or your local grocery store for these.


Pumpkin Patch Porter All-Grain Kit

You have the option being a purist and roasting and cubing 3 pounds of pumpkin or just using canned pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie mix). The pumpkin gives you the color and a hint of flavor but the crux of this beer is the spices. The roasted and crystal malts pair exceptionally well with the spices. We like the residual sweetness of Wyeast Thames Valley 1275 with this recipe.


Java Porter All-Grain Kit

Using a time tested porter recipe, we decided to pair it with Bjava Guatemalan Rio Azul coffee. Rich chocolate and caramel flavors are accentuated by 'dry coffeeing' in the secondary fermenter. Nothing like a good 'ol cup of coffee in the morning! We like to use Wyeast Scottish Ale yeast 1728 to provide some residual sweetness.


Belgian Blond All-Grain Kit

A very drinkable Belgian ale, even for those who don't care for Belgian beers. The flavor is a melange of smooth malt, subtle spicy phenols with a dry finish.


1-Hour IPA All-Grain Kit

A blend of 3 hop varieties are added throughout the boil to create a massive citrusy hop flavor with a great floral aroma. The specialty malts include Simpson's medium crystal, carapils and amber malts to help round out the taste.


Belgian Pale Ale All-Grain Kit

Smooth and malty with a very subtle spicy hop flavor. Don't let the name fool you, this beer always leans toward the malty side. Belgian yeast adds some fruitiness with a slight pear-like flavor. Finishes dry and very smooth. A Belgian for everyday drinking.


Amarillo Face All-Grain Kit

Loads of Amarillo hops make this wheat beer taste more like a very aromatic pale ale. It's strikingly familiar to an Indiana favorite from 3 Floyds.


Charisma Cream Ale All-Grain Kit

This beer is very well balanced with no strong accents of malt or hop. Low bitterness from the hops contribute to the seemingly dry finish. Simple and elegant at the same time.


Lager #1 All-Grain Kit

Our Lager #1 recipe includes just a little carapils for body. Cascade hops are included for bittering and Saaz for flavor. Wyeast 2112 California Lager yeast allows you to ferment at temperatures up to 65F and still have the clean malty lager flavor.


Magical Mild Ale All-Grain Kit

The Magical Mild Ale is a traditional British-style mild ale. Malty and rich, yet low in alcohol and light on the palate, a mild ale is a wonderful beer that goes down easy, pint after pint. Our interpretation has mild malt for dextrins to promote body and flavor. Amber malt gives this beer a smooth nuttiness, and Simpson's dark crystal gives it just the right amount of residual sweetness. The palate is rounded out by pale chocolate malt, which contributes color as well as a lovely roastiness. With English East Kent Goldings hops for bitterness and flavor, this beer is a beautiful tribute to the session beers found in pubs all over the British Isles. Brew a batch today and see what the magic is all about!


Chocolate Cherry Porter All-Grain Kit

A blend of cocoa powder and cherries come together with a rich porter base, to create the aroma and flavor that resembles your favorite decadent cherry cordials. A great way to surprise your loved one on Valentine's Day!


Heady Nugs All-Grain Kit

A big West Coast style imperial IPA, with loads of late addition hops and a quarter pound of dry hops. It finishes nice and dry, and is dangerously easy to drink. Additions of Columbus, Simcoe, and Nugget lend big, pungent American hop flavors, with a giant, heady aroma that punches you in the nose. Heady Nugz is, in fact, a beer that makes a completely irresponsible use of hops. If you are a certified hophead, this beer will be right up your alley!
A yeast starter or two packs of liquid yeast are suggested for this big boy


Hop the Atlantic DIPA All-Grain Kit

What goes better with a load of delicious hop goodness than a rich, malty backbone? With Hop the Atlantic, our collaboration Double IPA made with Grand Junction Brewing Company in Westfield, IN, both of these are in perfect harmony! We worked together to give you a beer that combines ingredients from both sides of the Atlantic into a deceptively easy-drinking double IPA.

This beer can be found on tap at Grand Junction Brewing, but you can also easily take this kit home and make it yourself! Golden Promise malt provides not only alcohol, but also a maltiness that balances out the Columbus and Challenger hops used in bittering. Caramunich and Aromatic malts give some extra malty sweetness and toasted character, while the hop profile is completed with Falconer's Flight 7 C's Blend, a beautiful blend of the big American "C" hops. Balance in a big beer can be a great thing!


Scots Pale Ale All-Grain Kit

Scot's Pale is our clone of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Three additions of Cascade hops make for a well-balanced pale ale. Use the last addition at flameout or as a dry hop. Deep amber in color but not overly caramel flavored. Aromatic adds a touch of breadiness to the flavor profile. Using Wyeast's 1056 American Ale yeast will give you the signature drier finish of a West Coast pale ale.


Dubbelicious All-Grain Kit

A great Belgian dubbel is a thing of beauty. Rich, fruity and delicious, they drink easily without revealing their strength. Instead, they are smooth on the palate, and land on the tongue with notes of stone fruit and slight hints of caramel sweetness. Our Dubbelicious is just what it sounds like...a delicous Belgian dubbel!

Munich and Vienna malts give a bready malt character that is highlighted with a little bit of Caramunich Belgian caramel malt. A little Belgian candi syrup adds to the color and flavor of the finished beer, while the sweet character is balanced by a generous addition of Tettnang hops. When fermented with a Belgian yeast, this beer turns out beautifully! For a real treat, try adding some Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice at bottling or kegging time!


Lawnmower Ale All-Grain Kit

A pale colored, low alcohol, lightly hopped beer has a time and a place, especially in the summer. Our lawnmower ale has no grains and just a 45 minute boil to keep the color as pale as possible. Using Wyeast 1056 American ale yeast will produce a clean, neutral crisp finish.


Hop Truck IPA All-Grain Kit

A unique grain bill using 20L crystal, wheat, honey malt , rye and carapils with a touch of honey at the end of the boil combining to be a very drinkable IPA. Citralumbarillo hops added at 60, 45 15 and dry hop.


Brain Eater Pale Ale All-Grain Kit

It's the beer of the living dead! This Zombie Dust Clone is loaded with Citra hops that invigorate the senses and engage the palate. A very light first wort hop addition keeps the bitterness down, while hop-bursting the beer and aggressively dry hopping with Citra hops give it a very pronounced hop flavor and aroma. The bite of Citra is offset by crystal 60L and melanoidin malts, which contribute body, sweetness and character to the beer, A touch of carapils for body and foam stability is included as well, perfectly balancing this beer. Delicious and inviting, Brain Eater Pale Ale is sure to please your hopheaded friends. It is the perfect beer for the impending zombie apocalypse!


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